Bloemfontein Car Pawn Loan

Bloemfontein Car Pawn Loans

Do you need to raise cash against your assets in Bloemfontein?

If so, we can help.

Benefit from the lending power of South Africa’s premier car pawn loan provider, now with offices in Oranjesig on 108 Oliver Tambo Rd.

How does it work?

It’s an easy 3 Step Process.

1. Apply Online or Stop By

Applying for a car pawn loan is as simple as either filling out the online form, calling our nationwide number or stopping by the Bloemfontein office.

2. Free Assessment

Visit one of our 4 offices and a friendly assessor will provide you with a loan amount against your vehicle in under 10 minutes.

3. Money in Your Account

Agree to the terms and sign the required documentation and we’ll transfer money to your local bank account instantly. The entire process typically takes less than 30 minutes.


What cars do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of cars including hatchbacks, sedans, luxury vehicles, buses, sports cars and SUV’s at our Bloemfontein branch.

Can I keep my car?


We offer a pawn to drive service in Bloemfontein and we simply need to fit your vehicle with a GPS tracking unit.

Our qualified fitters only take a few minutes and you’re good to go.

We understand how important a vehicle is in your day-to-day life and this makes our loan option that much better for you.

Do you accept other assets?

Yes, we do.

We accept a large variety of assets in Bloemfontein and farming equipment in particular is popular.

If you need to raise money fast you can use your tractor, harvester or just about any fully paid-up asset with value to get a short-term loan.

Do you have other offices in the Free State?

No. Bloemfontein is our only office.

We also have offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town however.

How long is the loan repayment period?

We specialise in short-term loans of 30 to 60 days.

We’re happy to arrange longer terms too, simply contact our Oranjesig office and speak to a friendly consultant.

What affects vehicle value?

We take the make, model, mileage, vehicle condition and history into account when providing you with a free assessment.

The vehicle must be in your name and it needs to be fully paid-up.



Get a car pawn loan in Bloemfontein is easy and our friendly staff are available 6 days a week to assist you.

You can raise money against your vehicle, farm equipment or any other vehicle of value.

We offer pawn to stay loans where we keep your vehicle in a secure storage facility, as well as pawn to drive loans where you get to keep your car.

For more information or if you have any questions not discussed here, please contact our Bloemfontein office and we will gladly assist you.