Loan Against Assets

Need a Loan against Assets?

Do you need to raise money with a loan against your assets in South Africa?

If so this article will answer the most frequently asked questions about this process. 


What assets are accepted?

The most common question we receive is what assets can be used to raise money. 

The answer is almost any asset of value, but the most popular are listed below. 


Motor Vehicles

If you have a fully paid-up car, bus or truck you can raise money with a loan against its current market value. 

This is by far the most popular asset used and this is referred to as a car pawn loan. 

The process to loan money against your vehicle is straightforward. 

Visit one of our four nationwide branches and get a free assessment. 

We will take the current make, model, mileage and overall condition of the vehicle into consideration compared to market value and make you a fair loan offer. 

What’s more, you still get to keep your car and drive it. 

We simply install a GPS unit and you’re good to go. 



We accept gold at our Cape Town branch and determining value is as simple as analysing the grade and weighing the asset. 

We then compare this to the current gold market price and make you an offer for a loan against the asset. 



This follows a similar pattern to the gold process whereby we asses the value of the previous metals and stoned in the jewellery. 

Once we have made you a loan offer and it is accepted we store the jewellery securely in an offsite location. 



You can raise money against the value of your fully paid-up motorcycles too. This includes road bikes, off-road bikes, four wheelers and even delivery bikes. 

You’ll need to visit one of out office locations, get an asset assessment and you’re good to go. 


Boats and Watercraft

If you have watercraft we can give you a loan against their value. 

We can have an assessor come to you and provide an assessment quickly. 

Please call our Jhb or Cape Town loan offices to schedule an appointment. 



Lastly we can provide a loan against the value of your property. 

You’ll need to show a clear title in your name and we can then provide an assessment based on market value and make you a loan amount offer. 


How do I get the money?

Once you’re approved for a loan against any asset above we will pay instantly to any local bank in South Africa. 

The entire loan process typically takes under 30 minutes for motor vehicles, motorcycles, gold and jewellery. Boats and property takes a little longer. 


What is the loan repayment period?

We specialise in short-term asset loans and the typical period is 30-60 days but we’re absolutely happy to negotiate longer periods. 

Please call one of our offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Pretoria to discuss in more detail. 



We can help you with a loan against a wide variety of assets including artwork and antiques. 

If your asset is not listed on this page, please call us to discuss, we’re happy to assist.