Loan Against Car Papers

The start of a new year holds many promises and much excitement, we all plan our goals and hope for a better year than the previous one. 

On the flip side of that optimistic outlook however is the utter beating the large majority of us take over the festive season, and often times left with requiring a loan against our car papers to seek relief.

This can be for a few reasons

  • Xmas Gifts are costly
  • The Family vacation
  • Too many social gatherings
  • Unforeseen emergencies
  • No Bonus Paid again

Thousands of people find themselves in this situation each year. The problem is getting bank loans or even personal loans has become tough in South Africa. The number of hoops you need to jump through and the time it takes seems never ending, and this is why getting a loan against your car papers has become so popular. 

An asset loan or car pawn loan as it is also known requires you to put your car up as surety and then you can qualify for a loan against its value. 

The biggest downside to this however is that often times the Asset loan company requires you to leave your car with them.

This of course is not convenient. 

What’s the solution?

An option many choose instead is a loan against car papers where you get to keep your car, also known as a pawn to drive loan. 

In this instance you get the money you need but you keep your car.

The loan company fits your car with a custom tracking device and once you have repaid the loan at the end of the agreed upon period, it is removed. 

This entire loan application and qualification period typically takes less than 30 minutes and cash is transferred into any local bank account instantly. 

To qualify for this loan you need proof of ownership, address, ID book and a fully paid up vehicle. 

You can call a loan office near you to schedule an appointment or simply drop by at your convenience. 

For more information contact one of our friendly consultants and they will gladly assist you with a loan against your car papers. 

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